With over 30 years of experience our company has an active team of field agents nationally which cover all local, regional and remote areas of Australia all of which can cater for your needs. All duties pertaining to debt recovery are carried out in a professional manner ensuring integrity, honesty and diligence whilst working within all relevant guidelines/laws which govern our industry.

All face-to-face contact must be in accordance with the ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines. Attempts to make contact with customers should be made prior to contacting on a Sunday or Public Holiday. Any Sunday or Public Holiday contact should not occur if it is the first attempt.

You must not conduct field call enquiries or repossession at the customers place of employment unless the credit provider gives written approval or if the customer has provided the financier with his or her consent for regulated loan contracts.

Contact with a reference or the same third party must not occur more than once in every six months. You must not contact the customers family other than for the purpose of location the debtor. During such contact it is imperative that you do not disclose that you are seeking to repossess the mortgaged goods. Correspondence left at a residential address(eg. calling card/business card) is deemed to be contact.

You may also repossess mortgaged goods for unregulated accounts ie Bill of Sale, Lease, Hire Purchase from private property without the required Consent to Enter Premises(Form 13). Mercantile agents are only to recover these chattels which are freely accessible on private property.

NOTE: All external field agents are to ensure a repossession receipt is supplied to the borrower and a minimum of (5) digital photos of the mortgaged goods are to be taken. Immediate feedback is required by all external field agents once this action has been carried out.