Field Calls

Record of interview with the debtor which contains details in regards to the full payment of the outstanding debt or a proposal to rectify the debt by the hirer via way of a payment arrangement. A detailed report is supplied which outlines the date, time, persons who were interviewed and the current living standards of the debtor, a digital photo is taken at each field visit.

Our field agents are expected to obtain current work phone, home and mobile numbers including current employment details if applicable. If the debtor has skipped, interview the current occupants, neighbors and endeavour to obtain relevant information which may assist with the location of the debtor.

Field agents are to ensure all aspects of the National Consumer Credit Protection code and National Privacy Principles are adhered to at all times. All other regulatory laws and guidelines are to be strictly adhered to. Immediate feedback is required by all external field agents either via phone or email which is then loaded onto the secure collection software.

NOTE: Field Calls are performed for the sole purpose of ascertaining information in relation to the debtor’s current financial status and assisting in the location of the hirer/mortgaged goods.